Exercising Your Dog on a Road Trip

Ways to Exercise Your Dog on a Road Trip

Hello Guys! As many of you know I recently went on a road trip with my family from Minnesota to Kansas City. This was a big mile stone as this was River’s (my sister) first official out of state road trip.

One thing my humans were worried about is making sure River got enough exercise on our trip. I know what your thinking, it’s only a 6 hour trip from Southern Minnesota to Kansas City, but we wanted to make sure this trip was a success. And that meant making sure River was able to get all her wiggles out. View Post

Four Must Follow “Doodle” Blogs

Must Follow Doodle Blogs

Happy International “Doodle” Day

In honor of this incredible day, I thought I would share with you Four (including mine) Must Follow “Doodle” Blogs. I’ve had the pleasure meeting each of the humans behind this list of blogs and they are all so incredible in their own way. Without further ado, let’s learn more about all 4 of these blogs. View Post

You Found a Dog, Now What?

Found a Dog

Easter weekend Aunt Zim was on her way home from running errands, around 10am, when she saw a stray dog dodging in and out of traffic. She quickly did a U-turn and tried to catch the the stray dog before it was too late. “Luckily” she was able to catch her. Then she thought what most people think when they have a stray or lost animal, “now what?” Living in rural Southern Minnesota we don’t have a lot of resources like bigger cities. So here is what she did to help reunite this “Lucky” little girl with her family. View Post