10 Tips for a Dog Friendly Easter Bunny Visit

Easter Bunny Tips

It’s that time of the year again when the Easter Bunny comes hopping into town for annual photos.

Here is 10 tips to think about if you plan to visit the Easter Bunny with you dog(s):

  1. Know Your Dog
    • You know your dog the best. If they don’t like strangers, it might not be the best idea to visit the Easter Bunny.
  2. Exercise
    • Before your trip to see the Easter Bunny, bring you dog to the dog park, go on a long walk, or have a play date come over. This way they they can burn off some energy before see the big fluffy guy.
  3. Reservations
    • Check and see if you can reserve a spot ahead of time and/or if you can pay ahead of time. This well save you time waiting in long lines and time at the checkout counter.
  4. Where to Enter
    • If you are seeing the Easter Bunny in a mall, most malls are not dog friendly. Make sure you check ahead of time that you enter the designated entrance to the mall.
  5. Dress Accordingly
    • Add a fun bandanna, bow tie or flower to you pup to make them festive.
  6. Be Prepared
    • Bring treats and/or a squeaky toy to get your dog’s attention when taking pictures. Some places may not provide them, so it’s best to go there prepared.
  7. Bathroom
    • Have your dog go to the bathroom before entering the building. Nothing is worse that having to ask for supplies to clean up after your dog.
  8. Have Fun
    • This is suppose to be a fun, memorable adventure with your dog. Don’t stress, go with the flow and have fun.
  9. Arrive Early
    • Try to get there as close to the start time as possible. You don’t know how many others will be waiting in line and how fast or slow the line will move.
  10. The Easter Bunny is NOT a Stuffed Toy with a Squeaker
    • The Easter Bunny is dressed up like a giant stuffed animal. Make sure your pup doesn’t try to play with the bunny or even worse look for a squeaker. If your dog does, it might be a good idea to site in the photo with your dog(s) to keep the Easter Bunny safe.

Have you or are you planning on bringing your dog(s) to see the Easter Bunny this year?

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