Everything You Need for Planning Dog Themed Birthday Party

Dog Themed Birthday Party

Several weeks ago, I was asked to help plan a dog themed birthday party for Jada who was turning 4 years old. She requested to have a dog/Paw Patrol theme party and my mom and I just all over this opportunity. Not only was it a lot of fun planning but being asked to attend my first ever little human party was such an honor.

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Easy DIY Dog Lover Coasters

DIY Dog Lover Coaster

Hi Everyone, hope you are having a great Friday! Today I’m going to show you an EASY DIY project anyone can do no matter your “crafting ability.” These are a wonderful addition to any house and who doesn’t need more, cute coasters! Right? View Post

Pet Memorial Book, DIY, Paying it Forward

Yesterday, September 13th was National Pet Memorial Day. The passing of a beloved pet is a hard time for any owner of any age. Today I’m sharing with you an amazing book that talks about “doggie heaven,” two easy DIY project, and a great way to “pay it forward” after your dog passes. 
Talking to children about the loss of a pet can be a hard and difficult task and sometimes they just don’t understand. Dog Heaven is a great book/tool parents can use to help talk to their children during this difficult time.

Dog Heaven is wonderfully illustrated and beautifully written. As most families consider their dog part of the family, this book helps answer questions about “doggie heaven.” 

Dog Heaven would make a great gift to help provide comfort to both children and adults. 

“Mom will you stop taking pictures so I can finish this book.”
Here are two DIY project you can do either in honor of your pet or make as a gift.
The first project is adding a decal to a candle. This is an easy project anyone can do at any age and makes a wonderful reminder of the pet that was lost.

1. All you need as a candle of any size and as many decals as you want to put on your candle. I got this decal from Stylish Canine’s Etsy page. Stylish Canine sells decals of all shapes (paw prints, tennis balls, bones, dog breeds) and sizes. You can also find decals at most craft stores. If you have a Cricut machine you can make you own.
2. Simply place you decal facing up and rub over the top of the plastic with a hard, flat object. I used a credit card.
3. Peel off the back.
4. Place on your candle.
5. Take your flat object and rub over the entire plastic and the decal. 
6. Slowly start removing the last piece of plastic. If the decal doesn’t stick to the candle you need to rub over the decal harder.
For this DIY Candle/Collar project all you need is a candle, close to the size of the collar, and a collar.

In the photo above I used Callie the Cat’s collar. (No she didn’t pass.) I just adjusted the collar to fit around the candle. If the collar is too big for the candle you many need to over lap the collar and tie it into place.

This is easy and a great way to display your beloved pet’s collar. 
I was at the dog park a couple of weeks ago and noticed all these tennis balls around the park. At first I thought I was in heaven. But then we saw a bucket on the picnic table.

The bucket had a message on it saying, 
“In Loving Memory of Moshe who has crossed the Rainbow Bride. Please help yourself to a ball for your dog to enjoy today! Love your dog extra today and remember the time we have with them is way too short!”

What a great way for the family to “pay it forward” and share Moshe beloved past time with others. 

Like the message stated our time on this earth is way too short. Remember to cherish each and everyday you have with you pet.

I’m going to end this post with a very fitting quote:
“Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts.”