Four Must Follow “Doodle” Blogs

Must Follow Doodle Blogs

Happy International “Doodle” Day

In honor of this incredible day, I thought I would share with you Four (including mine) Must Follow “Doodle” Blogs. I’ve had the pleasure meeting each of the humans behind this list of blogs and they are all so incredible in their own way. Without further ado, let’s learn more about all 4 of these blogs.

Spencer the Goldendoodle

Spencer the Goldendoodle

My mom (Reno, a Golden Retriever) and my dad (name unknown, a Standard Poodle) were both living in a North Dakota puppy mill. Along came Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM), who rescued my parents along with other dogs from this puppy mill. They were then placed in foster care. While in foster care, RAGOM found out my mom was pregnant. My mom was surrounded by loving and caring volunteers throughout her entire pregnancy and delivery process. On January 31, 2008, my 8 litter mates and I entered this world. In spring 2008, I was adopted to my forever family in Southern Minnesota and the rest, as they say, is history!

With the help of my humans we started this blog on September 7th, 2013. Here is our goal for this blog:

  • To share the adventures of me, Spencer the Goldendoodle.
  • Bring awareness on the importance of adopting, instead of shopping. As well as supporting rescue organizations, humane societies, and other non-profits groups.
  • Educate people about Goldendoodles and clear up some myths out there.
    • Here is a one of my post about Goldendoodles.
  • Provide honest product reviews that are informative and helpful.

Since starting my blog, I have gained a sister. Her name is River, who is also a rescue and believed to be a Black Mouth Cur. She is still camera shy, but does join me once and a while on some of my adventures.

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Groovy Goldendoodle Blog

Groovy Goldendoodle

In 2012 when I decided to write and post stories about these adorable creatures I had no idea the extent of their popularity. Goldendoodles are infectious with their floppy ears, huge button noses and almost human like expressions and gestures. But they are also so misunderstood. Disliked for their popularity, made fun of because of their easy going care free nature and ridiculed for being a hybrid breed.

I am fascinated by their intelligence, love for anything breathing and the manner in which they can anticipate a human emotional need at the precise moment. Perhaps that is why they are both so successful working as Therapy Dogs at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Having my Boys around makes life for me just about as perfect as one could imagine and still be alive and on earth.

Therefore when I write, I hope to:

  • Entertain – share their GOLDEN hugs and DOODLE kisses with Harley’s daily antics and Jaxson’s continual growth and development
  • Educate – help to dispel the myths and stigma attached to the golden retriever/poodle blend
  • Contribute – all that I discover and learn about training, discipline, nutrition and pet friendly places in Charleston SC

On our website you can find DOODLE DAILY UPDATES which will house the latest blog posts. If you’re looking for something specific, our CATEGORIES will give you what you’re looking for ( doodle fun, health & wellness, product reviews, sponsors and blog hops). DOODLES FROM A-Z covers the entire alphabet on “Everything Goldendoodle.“And in-between all of that you can find videos, and snip-its featuring groovy hidden treasures for pet families visiting or living in the beautiful city of Charleston SC.

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Fetching JoyHappy-Go-Doodle is a photo essay of feel-good quotes, quips, and cuteness for people who love dogs (especially doodle or other “oodle” dogs) and believe that they bring out the best in us. Inspired by Chloe, one very happy-go-lucky goldendoodle, creator Jenise Carl’s vision is to celebrate and nurture the bond between dogs and the people who love them. The team of two (pup and pet parent) are the hands and paws behind Happy-Go-Doodle— photographing and writing smile-bringing stories for the blog as well as social media channels including TwitterInstagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Through Happy-Go-Doodle, you’ll find all the doodle joy and happiness that Chloe loves to share.

The doodle duo invites you to stop by for your daily dose of love, inspiration, and joy for living “the doodle life.”

McSquare DoodlesMcSquare Doodle

Bernie and Lizzie McSquare are two Labradoodle pups who aspire to be therapy dogs. Our blog chronicles our training and adventures around Tucson creating a resource for pet parents seeking a canine community focused on working toward therapy dog certification. The McSquare pack has two humans and two mini-Labradoodles living in the beautiful desert Southwest. I’m Irene McHugh, dog mom, blogger, and library specialist. Dog dad is Matthew “McRuffRuffShy” who is not on social media. When we adopted our first pup Bernie, we decided to combine our Irish last names into McSquare. Last summer we welcomed Lizzie into our quirky little world.

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Doodle Blog Reference

Alright “doods,” what are you waiting for, check out each of these blogs and tell them Spencer sent you!

If you have a Doodle, comment below: what kind of Doodle, age, where your from and what is the best part of being a Doodle parent!


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