Looking back on 2016!

Spencer the Goldendoodle

As I reflect on 2016 the first thing I think about is the New Year resolutions I wasn’t able to keep. But then, after taking a closer look, I’ve made so many amazing and wonderful memories, friendships, and moments I never thought was possible. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2016!

The first highlight of 2016 begin with a pit stop to Minneopa Sate Park to see the falls that formed into a frozen heart! What an amazing opportunity to see Mother Nature and all her love! Read the full post HERE.

The next big memory was my first Minnesota Dogs of Instagram meet up at the head water of the Mississippi River and my first true winter camping trip. This meet up was so much fun to finally meet many of the dogs I follow on Instagram that live right here in Minnesota. And to have this meet up at such a breath taking location was icing on the cake. Later that night, my humans and I stayed the night at that camp grounds for my first official winter camping trip!

This next memory brought me to the late Prince’s house. After hearing about his passing, my mom and I headed to his house to pay our respects. This was just a humbeling experience. Visit that post here: Purple Rain: Visiting Paisley Park

Spencer the Goldendoodle's Health

The next big highlight was winning a photo session with Kristen from KME Photography. This photo session took place in a historic part of Minneapolis that I’ve been wanting to see for some time. See more pictures HERE.

Grand Canyon

The biggest adventure of 2016 was taking a road trip to Arizona for the BlogPaw‘s Annual Conference! Along the way we had the opportunity to make many pit stops including seeing The Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak, Tombstone, The Pony Express, Four Corners, and many more! HERE is the link to all the state signs along the way!!!

Sugar and Spencer

While at the BlogPaw’s conference in Arizona I got the opportunity to meet many of the stars from the blogs I follow! Most of the conference I spent star struck and I wish I could share everyone I met with you guys, that would be one long post. Here are just a few of the pups I met.

My date for the red carpet event was the one and only sweetheart, Sugar from Golden Woofs.
Spencer's Blogiversaray Picture Paw-ty

I also got to meet the star of Fidose of Reality, Dexter!

I will never forget pulling up to the hotel and my mom freaking out when she saw Dexter for the first time. We got out of the car and went over to say hi and his mom was knew who I was, gave us a big hug, and at that moment I knew we were going to have a blast!

My Dog Likes

After the conference I learned the stars from My Dog Likes, Harley, Charlie, and their humans, were going to be driving through Minnesota on their way home to New York. We had the opportunity to set up a quick play date, where they could stretch their legs and our humans could chat.

One of my biggest role models and blog I look up to is Emma and her mom Joy from My GBGV Life. I’m so thankful these two lovely ladies live right here in Minnesota. Emma and Joy have been wonderful mentors to both my mom and me throughout the years. Anytime we are struggling, needing guidance, or encouragement they are there for us! I look forward meeting Little Madison who was adopted the same week as River!

The next highlight of the year is becoming a PupScout! I’m looking forward growing the Minnesota Troop #1999 this year and earning more badges!

Minnesota Doodle Romp August '16

Doodles and Doodles and Doodles, oh my! Attending my first Minnesota Doodle Romp was the next highlight of the year! I’m so excited to attend more meet ups and meet more doodles!!!
Dog Themed Birthday Party

This next highlight is also my most popular post of the year as well as my most popular images saved on Pinterest! I was asked to help plan a dog themed birthday party for Jada who was turning 4 years old. She requested to have a dog/Paw Patrol theme party and my mom and I jumped all over this opportunity. This is also my first human birthday party I was invited to! Check out the post HERE where you will find everything you need to plan a dog themed party!!!

Puppy Announcement

Announcing I’m going to be a big brother was a wonderful moment of this year! You can see that post HERE.


The biggest moment and highlight of the year was the adoption of my little sister, River! She has been such a wonderful addition to our little family! Learn more about her story HERE. This also brings us to my second most read post of the year: Learn the Steps We Took When Adding Another Dog to Our Family.

I’m so excited to see what adventures 2017 takes us on! Stay tuned to Monday’s post where I’m sharing some excited things planned for 2017 and my goals for this blog!!! 🙂

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