The BIG 0-9

Spencer the Goldendoodle

I can’t believe I’m turning the big 0-9 today! Here is my rescue story:

My mom (Reno, a Golden Retriever) and my dad (name unknown, a Standard Poodle) were both living in a North Dakota puppy mill. Along came Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM), who rescued my parents along with other dogs from this puppy mill. They were then placed in foster care. While in foster care, RAGOM found out my mom was pregnant. My mom was surrounded by loving and caring volunteers throughout her entire pregnancy and delivery process. On January 31, 2008, my 8 litter mates and I entered this world. In spring 2008, I was adopted to my forever family in Southern Minnesota and the rest, as they say, is history! View Post

Birthday Surprise


As some of you know my 8th birthday is this Sunday. I can’t believe I’m turning the big 8! It seems like just yesterday I was a bundle of energy, fluff, and cuteness……oh wait……that was this morning. My humans surprised me with my birthday present early. When they showed me what the gift was I almost passed out with excitement. I’m still speechless, watch the video below and you will see why. View Post

I’m Cake Famous!

Cakes have come a LONG ways. Today, you can customize a cake to fit every occasion or personality.  From your favorite sports team to you favorite hobby – you can even get a cake that resembles your favorite pet. The possibilities are limitless!

I’m no stranger to being on cakes. When my humans got married, I was on their groom’s cake. 
At that time, I still had my puppy coat of hair that was long and shaggy. Do you see me, I’m to the left of the tent.

Over the weekend my mom turned 30 and she was surprised with a gorgeous purple cake. The theme included her favorite color AND her favorite thing – ME! This wonderful cake was made by Custom Cake Creations of Mankato. Not only does it feature me, but also my two favorite past times, treats and a tennis ball!

Photo Credit: Custom Cake Creations of Mankato
When looking at this cake it was almost like looking in a mirror. The detail, time, and effort is truly noted.

Photo Credit: Custom Cake Creations of Mankato
It looked so good, I tried to get a lick in here and there. But, was unsuccessful. My humans said this carrot cake with lemon cheese cream frosting was delicious.

I would love to hear from you: What do you think of the cake? Have you ever had your pet featured on a cake? 

Thank you again to Custom Cake Creations of Mankato. Check out their Facebook page to see their amazing work.