Rabbit Lunch Date with Callie the Cat

Nature's Logic

Hello Everyone and Welcome! I’m excited for today’s post! Not only am I having a lunch date with my pal Callie the Cat but we are eating Rabbit! So far this spring/summer our neighborhood has been flooded with those pesky rabbits. And our humans won’t let us help clean up the problem. But the next best thing is reviewing Canine Rabbit Meal Feast and Feline Rabbit Meal Feast from Nature’s Logic. View Post

Callie the Cat Professional Photo Bomber

Callie the Cat

Lately, while I’ve been editing my photos I’ve noticed Callie the Cat photo bombing me in the background. So I sat down with her and asked her what’s up. Through our conversation she stated that she sees me having so much fun blogging and she wants to give it a try. This caught me off guard and I told her I would have to think about it. View Post

Pull ‘n Play Cat Treat Toy

A couple of weeks ago my humans found a coupon in the Sunday paper for $2.00 off this Play Pack from Friskies. We all decided we need to spoil Callie the Cat a little and see if she would play with it.

Once we got it home from the pet store we started to open up the packaging. Surprising Callie came running into the room. Not only does this toy hold treats inside, but you also place edible sting in the top of the toy. If you get this Play Pack everything you need is included.

Right away Callie attack the edible strings and gobbled them up. Check out that tongue!

After the edible string was gone, she started smelling the treats through the hole in the side of the toy. Not long after that she got the hang of batting the toy around for the treats to fall out.
Callie loved this interactive treat dispenser! Now, anytime my humans touch this toy she comes running and starts meowing obnoxiously! I guess you can teach an old cat new tricks!
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Today I’m joining the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop hosted by: Kol’s Notes & Sugar the Golden Retriever.