Fit Friday at a New Dog Park with New Fur-iends on a Perfect Day

Since meeting Emma, the star of My GBGV Life, and her mom at the Minnesota Pet Expo we have kept in touch. After looking at our schedules over and over again, we finally set a play date at a dog park I have never been too. The best part of this dog park, it has a swimming area. I have never gone “real” swimming before, but was excited to try.
The day was finally here, my bag was packed and I was dragging mom out the door. Not only was I going to be hanging out with Emma, but here sister Bailie was going to be there too!

Finally, we made it! Do you know how hard it was to get a picture of all three of us? We are all we behaved dogs, but why would we sit still when we are able to run free and play. I’m just glad my mom was able to get a good one.

As we were heading down the trail I saw the big pond. There was no holding me back, I dove in that water as fast as I could. Then, I found a tennis ball and the rest was history.

I wasn’t the only one having fun in the water! I love this picture of Emma, it looks like she is blowing bubbles!

Then, Bailie found a ball and wanted it so bad. She was cute jumping up and down trying to get it.

There were lots of other dogs there that we also played with. 

After we were done swimming, we continued on our walk. This was the perfect time to dry off. 

Our moms had a great time chatting. Which was great, the longer they chatted, the longer we played!
I was sad to see our play date come to an end, but can’t wait until the next one. I played so hard I could hardly keep my eyes open on the way home. What more could a dog ask for, we went for a nice long walk while playing and going for a nice, cool, refreshing swim.
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