Monday Funday Joke

Spencer the Goldendoodle Joke

Happy Monday Everyone! I heard this joke a couple of days ago and had to share it with all of you! Here it is:

“A man walks into a zoo. There was only one animal, a dog. It was a Shih Tuz.”

BOL, it gets me every time!

Do you have any funny dog jokes you would love to share? Who knows, I might share it!!! 🙂

Quote this Picture

Happy Wordless Wednesday! After looking through some of the pictures I took for an upcoming post, I found this funny one! I want to hear from you! Please leave your quote or cation for this picture below and I will share my favorite one tomorrow on my Facebook page.

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Mischief at the Playground

I have heard the saying, “You’re a kid at heart.” I wonder if I can say, “I’m a puppy at hear.” Over the weekend my humans and I went for a walk at a local park and I had some fun playing at the playground.

The jungle gym looked like so much but as you can see I didn’t make it too far. Just call me chicken.

Instead, I preferred to stay low to the ground and loved running in and out of the tunnel.

And had fun standing on the tunnel while the wind was flowing through my fluffy curls.

Did you have any fun mischief this weekend??? I would love to hear about it!

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Spencer on a Stick

Today is the start of the Minnesota State Fair or “The Great Get Together.” Did you know that the famous quote by Vice President (at the time) Theodora Roosevelt “Speak softly and carry a big stick” was spoken during the Minnesota State Fair. It sure was, on September 2, 1901 right here in Minnesota. He was only 42 years old at the time and in less than two weeks he would become the youngest U.S. president in history in the wake of President McKinley’s assassination.

I find this quote not only funny but very fitting for the state fair. For some reason humans like to walk around the fair with giant sticks of food. From hot-dish on a stick, to spaghetti, even sauerkraut on a stick. 

Last year I shared what a state fair for dogs would looked like. 
Doesn’t it look tasty!!! 
This year I will be sporting my cow bandana while handing out “Spencer on a Stick!” That’s right, I will have my picture on a stick for everyone to take home. Now I just need to figure out a way to get into the state fair without security noticing.

Of course I need to model my new bandana off in front of the new camera.

Trying to find the right angel.

Are you planning on going to your state fair?
Would love to hear which state you are from!

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