Clearance Rack Bargains

 My mom scored an amazing deal yesterday. She has been eyeing this little guy at JoAnn Fabrics for a couple of months now. Unfortunately, he was way out of her budget at $79.99. That is a lot of treats. But yesterday, she found this fire hydrant in the clearance area for $23.99. No questions were asked, it is now mine. And no, it isn’t for peeing on! 

Today I’m joining the Sepia Saturday Blog Hop hosted by:


This past fall I won a pair of tickets for the spring Junk Bonanza here in Minnesota. Well, it wasn’t really me, but my mom used my accounts to enter for a chance to win, and guess what, she won! Since it is my mom’s 30th Birthday on Saturday I’m considering this her early present from me.
When people hear the work “Junk” most people think of rusty, old, useless stuff. But, if you look beyond the surface you can find purpose in these old items.
For example, using an old mason jar or an old flour container for treat jars. My humans turned two old wire baskets into a small toy basket or a place to hold my tools. And my favorite, is an old bowl as a water dish.
Last year my mom picked up a new toy box for me. As you can tell it is able to hold all my toys, with room for more.

 Now, what uses could my mom find for this antique, metal bed pan??? Possibilities are endless!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Rules

Most of the time rules are meant to be broken, however, I think I’m going to follow our new rules.

Dog Rules
Be Loyal and Faithful
Guard the House
Wag More, Bark Less
Show Affection
 Fetch the Ball
No Drinking from the Toilet
Nap Often
Ask to go Outside
Learn New Tricks
Never Stop Playing
Love Unconditionally
and Always Remember it’s Called ‘Fur’niture for a Reason.

My favorite one is the last rule, it is called ‘fur’niture for a reason! Which rules is your favorite?