Photo Bombed and Mischief at the Apple Orchard

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s official, fall is here and that means apple orchard time. I decided to hit the road with my mom and visit one of the local apple orchards. 

The orchard we went to is called Minnesota Harvest in Southern Minnesota. While I was getting my picture at the welcome sign you will never guess who photo bombed my picture, Emma from My GBGV Life.

After catching up we decided to hangout at the orchard while our moms play with their cameras.

Emma wasn’t happy when I beat her to the top of the hay stack. And she was less then thrilled when I started yelling, “I’m king of the world!” I need really need to work on my lady skills.

What is harvest time without a tractor or two. Right Emma? I have seen red and green tractors before but never an orange tractor. 

I could hear our moms talking about the limo ride we were going to have and boy, I got excited! I mean, who doesn’t want to drive around with a pretty lady by their side in a fancy vehicle. It turned out we were thinking of two different limos. However, this orchard limo is even better and much easier to smell the fall, crisp air.
As our moms were talking, we found out Emma and her mom have never been to Minnesota’s largest candy store. I almost passed out in surprise. Even I love this store, as they sell the most delicious, home grown apples as well. Our moms sure felt like kids in a candy store walk up and down the rows and rows of a sorted candy. Once they finally came out of the candy store, we found out they got into a little bit of mischief themselves. But that is a whole different blog post.

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My First Offical Date

Since my family bought new camera, My GBGV Life’s Chief Blog Photographer has been a life saver. She has been gracious and patient enough to help my mom and me figure out our new toy. She also asked if we wanted to join her and Bailie (their Chief of Public Relations dog) on an outing. We jumped all over the opportunity for our moms to hang out and play with their cameras. During which time Bailie and I were able to have some bonding time just the two of us.

We ended up going to Hot Sam’s Antiques just south of the cities (cities is another term for the Twin Cities). When we first entered the property there was an abundance of metal, rust, and just stuff in every nook and cranny of the property.

At first, my mom and I were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. It was a good thing Bailie and her mom where with us to help guild us in a general direction.

We would only make it several feet before there was another great photo opt. And my mom made sure we stopped at just about every single one. Bailie was a great teacher showing me it was okay to get dirty and jump in or on the different props.

Like a good gentleman, I let her sit on the driver seat of this awesome motorcycle, while I sat in the side car. Well, actually I was unable to get my fluffy butt in the driver’s seat. So by default Bailie got that spot. 

What do you think should be drive this down to the BlogPaws conference next summer? All we are missing is our sunglasses and scarfs. 

We had plenty of time in between each photo opt to sit down and talk while our moms played with their cameras. I really go to know this young lady and she sure is funny.

Look at this face, isn’t she gorgeous?

After two and a half hours of talking, taking photos, and exploring it was time to say our goodbyes. It sure was hard to say goodbye after having such a fun morning with Bailie. But we knew we will see each other soon. While our moms weren’t looking we gave each other head hugs and a kiss on the cheek. And departed ways.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend that is full of Kodak moments. We will see you on Sunday for the start of my 2nd Blogiversary Week long Paw-ty!
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Dog Park Fun with Some GBGVs

As most of you know I met up with Emma and Bailie from My GBGV Life. These two ladies are so much fun, even on a hot, humid day in Minnesota.

Bailie sure a spunky pup, it is so hard to keep up with her.

How many dogs do you see in this picture? The correct answer is three. Bailie of course is far a head, I’m trying to catch up and Emma is hanging with the moms.
Come on mom lets go!

Emma found a great place to get out of the sun.

Bailie on the other hand is soaking up the rays.

During out play date we set aside plenty of time to chat about blogging. It is great to bounce ideas off each other, ask good and stupid question, as well as drool about the next BlogPaws Conference!

I had such a great time meeting up with my GBGV pals! Next time will be sooner then you think!

Have you ever had a play date with any of your blogging pals?
Would love to hear about them!

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Ice Cream Social

Guess who I met up with recently??? That’s right Emma and Bailie from My GBGV Life! We met up at a local dog park where Emma asked me to help her taste test some ice cream treats with her and her sister.

While their mom was setting things up, we stayed in the shade and supervised. Nothing is worse then being all sweaty for a photo shoot. 

It was so much fun to see Emma and her mom at work. I got some great tips and tricks to make my pictures even better.

Finally it was time to the taste test. The girls let me try the peanut butter and cheese flavored ice cream. While they sampled the mint flavored ice cream. Boy oh boy, the ice cream is so yummy. But I think I ate it too fast, now I have a brain freeze.
Emma ate every last drop and when we all were not looking she tried to steal a bite of Bailie’s.
For a spunky young lady I was thinking Bailie would gobble her ice cream right up. But nope, she ate it with elegance and grace, savoring each and every bite. 

I would like to thank Emma, Bailie and their mom for a wonderful ice cream social. It was a hot, humid day here in Minnesota and the ice cream sure hit the spot! These two sure know how to win my heart over, through my stomach. 

You can learn more about My GBGV Life and Dogsters on their websites.

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Minnesota Pet Expo 2015

“Say Cheese!” -Mom
“Cheeeesssssse!” -Me

Check out who I ran into, Bailie the PR dog for My GBGV Life.

We sure enjoyed looking at the wabbits. Well, I enjoyed looking at the wabbits, Bailie wanted to chase and eat them. I really hope she doesn’t tell Emma, she might get jealous. 

I’m trying to convince Bailie’s mom that her and Emma need one of these cools car to cruse around in. I can see them now driving up to Blog Paws next year in one similar!

Testing out beds…too small.

Just right! 
Here are some other guys I met at the expo: two Saint Berdoodles, cats, one very tall Great Dane, miniature ponies, fluffy pals, and a couple of snakes. Oh, I can’t forget to mention the giant doo-doo!

The pet expo was great, but it was even better spending time with my pal, Bailie. 

What do you like to do when you hang out with your fur-iends? Are any of your fur-iends blogging dogs?

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