4th of July Safety Tips

More pets get lost and go missing on the 4th of July than any other day in the U.S. Making July 5th the busiest day for animal shelters across the nation. 

Here are some safety tips to help keep your dog safe this 4th of July:
  • Make sure you dog has up to date ID tags on their collar. Even if they have been microchip, not everyone has a scanner to read the chip.
  • Exercise you dog early that day. This will help them from having excess energy when the fireworks start that evening. 
  • If you are going to any parties, leave your dog at home. They will be more comfortable in a familiar place.
  • Lower you blinds to help your dog from seeing the bright lights the fireworks give off. You can also add background noise by playing the tv or radio .
  • Escape-proof you house and add a comfortable space for them.
  • Provide interactive toys or treat dispensers, such as peanut butter stuffed kongs.
  • Mircochip your dog just in case they do get lost and their collar comes off. 
  • Calming collars, lavender oils, and pressure wraps can help your pup with anxiety. I love my herbal calming collar, here is the direct link if you want to learn more.
If your dog does suffer from anxiety make sure to talk with you veterinarian about the best options for your dog.


As most of you know, I came from the land of 10,000 lakes. That’s right, Minnesota. We are known for being Minnesota Nice, but there are some in Minnesota that are being down right evil to dogs. Please click on the photo below for the full story.

Your back yard is suppose to be a safe place where your dog is suppose to wear off they winter energy. So hearing that they are putting deadly items in the owns back yards is so scary.

With the weather getting nice and you go out and about more, please keep an eye on your dog. You just never know what is out there.

TT: Pet Store

My week long segment continues with testing out my new Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness. Today we are going to the local pet store where I’m in need of more food.

My food of choose is Fromm’s. Fromm’s is a family owned company bases out of Wisconsin. 

While I was at the pet store, I jumped on the scale. Can you guess how much my fluffy body weighs in at?

As I stated in yesterdays post, today I’m going to show you how the Solvit Products Deluxe Car Safety Harness works in the car.

The major feature that I love about this product in the car is that it gives you options. There are two different ways you  are able to attach the safety vest to the seat belt. It all depends on how much “free range” you want your pet to have.

In the photo above is considered the safest method. As you can see in the photo, you make a circle looping through the twin harness loops and around the seat belt. This method provides the least amount of movement but is the safest in case of an emergency. 

The second method,  you simply wrap the safety tether around the seat belt bringing the carabineer through the loop. Then simply attach the carabineer to the twin harness loops. This method provides the most range of motion for you dog.

One of the top reasons my humans love having me in a harness, they are able to focus more on the road and less on what I’m getting into.

Thank you for stopping by today, stay tuned for tomorrows post to see more adventures I’ve taken since getting the Solvit Products: Deluxe Car Safety Harness.

Make sure you check out my full review from yesterday’s post.