Healthy Joints with Isle of Dogs Dog Treats

Isle of Dog Treats

Hello Everyone! How are you all doing?  Recently I was diagnosed with arthritis, since then my humans are keeping a close eye on my pain and mobility. They are so much more aware of products already containing glucosamine and chondroitin to help give me extra support. Today, I’m excited to share some dog treats that are not only taste good but are good for my joints from Isle of Dogs.  View Post

Training with Brothers Complete Dog Biscuits

Brothers Complete Dog Treats

Hi Everyone and Happy Wednesday! Almost a year ago I did my first product review with Brothers Complete (click here for that review). Now, today I’m excited to sharing with you Brothers Complete Dog Biscuits line, including chicken, lamb, venison, and turkey.

One of the main reasons why I love Brothers Complete products, they are great for puppies to older dogs, from large breeds to small breeds, from working dogs to house dogs. View Post

Bully Bundles Review

Spencer the Goldendoodle Bully Bundles Review

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday! You may want to make sure your pups are out of the room while you read today’s post. They might end up drooling all over the computer like I’m currently doing.

If you are like my humans life gets busy and you forget things. But thanks to the Bully Bundles your dog is never going to suffer not having bully sticks in your home.

Bully Bundles allows you to choose the size and quantity of bully sticks you would like shipped to your house every month. The best part, there is always free shipping. View Post

Zuke’s Z-Bones Review

Zuke's Z-Bones Review

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Brushing your dogs teeth is very important, but like me, most dogs don’t like getting their teeth brushed. While nothing is as good as brushing your dogs teeth, dental chews can help keep your dogs teeth clean. This month, from, I’m reviewing the Zuke’s Z-Bones Clean Berry Crisp dental chews. View Post