Black & White Sunday: Lights

Can you guess what we have been up to? Yup, we have been decking the halls. Normally we wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas decorations, but we have a busy schedule coming up. 

What you can expect this week, is more of what I’m thankful for. Along with a review and discount for the Three Dog Bakery. And more photos from this weekends decorating adventures! For those who are on the Card Exchange, mine will be in the mail this week!  

Stay tuned and good luck Vikings!!!

#ScoopYourPoop: Pet Patrol

Cleaning up after your pets is more then the right thing, in most states, its the law. Did you know if you don’t pick up after your dog, you can be fined? In my city, the first time it will cost you $100, and every time after that the fine doubles. 
If you’re wondering how to build credit, wasting money by not picking up after your dog isn’t how.
Here is what my mom can get me for $100 instead of paying a fine:
    • 1 Bag of Dog Food
    • 2 Bags of Treats
    • 1 Antler Bone
    • Stuffed Animal
    • 6 pack of Poop Bags


So, how do you want to spend your money by spoiling you dog or paying a fine? The decision is your!

A special thank you to Golden Woofs for hosting this Blog Hop! This is such an important message and I’m glad I could be a part of it!


Sunday Night Football Vikings vs Packers! 
Doing what I can to help the Vikings pull off a win tonight! Keeping my paws crossed and eating my Wheaties featuring Adrian Peterson!