WW: Please Vote!

Halloween is just over a week away! There is still so much to do: carve the pumpkins, get the treats, decorate, and most important work on my costume. It will be a secret what, or should I say who I’m going to be this year. But wanted to share my past Halloween costumes with all my fur-iends! 

As you can see I love to dress up in different occupational uniforms or as famous people. I want to hear from you, which look do you like the best:
The Doctor
The Farmer
The Pizza Maker
A Scotsman in a Kilt
A World War II General
Benjamin Franklin

Superheroes Need Help Too

Even superheroes need help getting around from time to time. Good thing I have my humans when I need them to drive me around to help save the day!

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, humans, animals, or organizations. I have a handful of heroes in my life and would like to share two of them. 

First, RAGOM, the wonderful organization who rescued my mom from a puppy mill. Another hero is my beloved pal Mahoney. He was my first true friend and I think of him everyday. I will see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Who is your hero? 

Mischief Monday: Walking for a Cause

What a wonderful weekend. Not only was the weather beautiful, but I got to walk for a great cause in my Underdog costume.

PAWS, Providing Animals with Shelter, held their annual Trick or Treat fundraising walk. This is my second year attending and once away I had a blast meeting other K9s, getting some amazing prizes and I even took home 3rd place in the costume contest.

Afterwards we went to get our pumpkins! Can’t wait to share those pictures. Until then, have a wonderful Monday! 

Anniversary, Fundraiser, Football, and the Farm

Happy Friday Everyone!
This weekend is full of fun and excitement.
Today is my human’s 5 year anniversary! Tomorrow is the annual PAWS (Providing Animals With Shelter) fundraising walk that I will be dressing up with my mom and aunt! Can’t wait to share photos. Then, on Sunday, not only is it a full day of football, but I’m heading to the farm! With that being said, lets get this weekend started!!!