When To Celebrate Your Adoptive Dog?

River's 1st Birthday

A lot of times when you adopt a rescue dog, their exact birthday is unknown. If you’re lucky you at least know their birth month. So, when do you decide to celebrate your new addition? I’m going to share with you three options to celebrate adoptive dog.

“Gotcha Day”

Often times the easiest day to celebrate your adoptive dog is on their annual “Gotcha Day.” This is the day you officially adopted your pup and brought them home.

Month Long Celebration

When adopting your dog if the rescue organization knows which month your pup was born why not celebrate them all month long? I would love a party every day for an entire month, I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Picking a Day

In the case of River, we were told she was born in January, which happens to be the same month as my birthday. So my human’s decided to pick a day to celebrate her birthday every year.

How exactly my humans did pick River’s birthday?

First, they Googled “Today’s National Holiday” and found a site that gives you the holiday for every day.

Next, they went through every day in the month of January and decided which holiday they wanted River’s birthday to be on.

Finally, after much talk and compromise, they settled on a date!

Without further ado……

January 21st is River’s Birthday!!!

This day is not only 10 days before my birthday but it is also National Hugging Day and National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Happy 1st Birthday River!

River's 1 Birthday


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