Big Goals for 2017

New Years with Spencer the Goldendoodle

I just love the New Year, your motivations up, your dreaming big, and making plans for the year! And this year is starting to full up with lots of fun! Here’s whats int the works now for this blog and me! View Post

Looking back on 2016!

Spencer the Goldendoodle

As I reflect on 2016 the first thing I think about is the New Year resolutions I wasn’t able to keep. But then, after taking a closer look, I’ve made so many amazing and wonderful memories, friendships, and moments I never thought was possible. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2016! View Post

December Dog Photo Challenge with @SpencTheDoodle

December Dog Photo Challenge

I can’t believe tomorrow is December 1st already! I’m so excited to share this holiday season with River. To make sure I capture all the fun moments of the season I’ve put together a December Dog Photo Challenge. Each day I’ll be sharing the Challenge pictures on my Facebook and Instagram sites. I’ll also be using the hashtag #spencersphotochallenge. Feel free to join the fun!

Now lets just hope we get some snow……. View Post