Blogiversary By Numbers

Over the last two year this blog has grown in more way then I thought were possible. I started this blog to have more time with my humans. Little did I know that this blog would turn into a breeding ground of adventure, information, and fun.

Blog by Numbers
412 – Post
730 – Days I’ve been Blogging
5310 – Comments
73,203 – Page Views

Social Media by Numbers
Facebook – 1061 likes
Google+ – 395
Instagram – 327 follower, 313 post
Pinterest – 515 follower, 48 boards, 1.7K pins
Twitter – 878 followers, 1309 tweets

Other Fun Numbers

0 – BlogPaws Conferences attended
1 – Ticket and Hotel purchased to attend the 2016 BlogPaws Conference in Arizona.
2 – Number of Pet Expos I’ve attended.
7 – Halloween contests I’ve attended in our local town.
$500 – Money/Products I’ve raised since starting my blog and was able to give back to shelters/rescue organizations.
1,000+ – Fur-iends I have met while starting this blog.

I want to take this time and thank each and everyone of my followers. Your kindness, encouragement, and support has meant the world to me. 

Thank You!
Don’t forget to join the Picture Paw-ty! Right now we have about 15 pet participating. If you would like to join click on this LINK for the details. Tuesday, September 8th at midnight is the cut off to enter. And remember one lucky photo will be randomly selected and will win a prize!!!

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Blogiversary Week Selfie

Tomorrow is my official 2nd Blogiversary, but why wait until tomorrow when we can kicking it off today!

Here is the plans for the week:
Monday – Blogiversary Photo Shoot and By the Numbers
Tuesday – Three Dog Bakery Cookbook Treats
Wednesday – Picture Paw-ty and Announcing the Winner
Thursday – Suicide Awareness Day and Giveaway
Friday – Hiking Trip to Fort Ridgely State Park 

Don’t forget to join the Picture Paw-ty! Right now we have about 15 pet participating. If you would like to join click on this LINK for the details. Tuesday, September 8th at midnight is the cut off to enter. And remember one lucky photo will be randomly selected and will win a prize!!!

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Back 2 School

It’s that time of the year where you see shinny yellow buses, pointy pencils, and new back packs. That’s right it is back to school time.

I think I have everything I need to head back to school.

Now I just need to figure out how to use this computer when I don’t have thumbs. 

Are you excited school is starting again?

Hope you have a great Monday and don’t forget to join my 2nd Blogiversary Picture Paw-ty! Here is the link if your interested.

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You’re Invited to Paw-ty!

You’re invited to my 2nd Blogiversary
Picture Paw-ty!

Where: My Blog (
When: All Day, September 9th, 2015
RSVP: Email ( me a picture of you pet(s) with their name, age and breed. Include “Paw-ty” in the subject line. I will be sharing those pictures on my blog. If you have a pet blog or pet website include you URL and I will link you picture.
Prize: One picture will be randomly selected! More TBA!

Here are more details about the Paw-ty:
  • *Picutre Info:
    • By sending your picture you are giving Spencer the Goldendoodle’s blog permission to share them on the blog and/or any of Spencer the Goldendoodle’s social media sites. 
    • Only pictures of animals will be share. Please do not send picture with humans in them, they will not be added to the Picture Paw-ty and will no qualify for the prize. 
    • Only one picture per animal.
  • *Contest/Prize:
    • This contest/prize is open world wide to any human over the age of 18 years.
  • Order/Placement:
    • The order/placement of your picture will depend on the order when RSVP was received.
  • SHARE:
    • Please feel free to invite others to my Paw-ty as well as the the Paw-ty post itself on Sept. 9th!
  • Fun: 
    • This is all about having fun and thanking everyone, old and new, for all your fur-iendship, support, encouragement, and love!

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Thoughtless Thursday: Party Decorations

What would a party be without decorations and let me tell you, my mom went all out!

We started with a color scheme (red, blue, green and orange) and went from there. 

I already had the “Spencer” banner, which is great to be able to reuse props. A little DIY project that involved using a Cricut machine and a wonderful “Happy Blogiversary” banner was born.
Next, you have to be dressed for the occasion. Again, following the color scheme, I found this handsome bow tie at Target and this party hat on Etsy

What does every great dog party need, that’s right, a fire hydrant. Even though it is made out of paper, it still adds that extra something. 

My favorite is this DIY fabric banner. My mom went to our local fabric store and picked out a yard of five different fabrics, one pattern and solid colors. Can you guess which colors???

Once home we cut the fabric into one inch wide by twelve inches long strips. We did this until we ran out of fabric. Then we tired the fabric onto a long piece of twine in a pattern. We ended up making two banners, each about four feet long.


Finally, every good party needs balloons. The best part was using a bottle of peanut butter as the weight of the balloons.

I would love to hear from you, what is your favorite decoration, either from my party or at your own parties?
There will only be one winner announced for this Blogiversary giveaway. The winner will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted via email. This giveaway is open for US residents only who are 18 years of ago or older. All prizes have been donated no other compensation was given for any reviews, publicity, or write ups.
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