DIY Photo Blocks

With a little muscle and a delicate paw you too can make one of a kind photo blocks. This is a great project to make with your kids, for a gift or a great way to display multiple photos. Here is what you need and the steps to take to make your own photo blocks.

3 4×4 Wooden Blocks
Sander/Sand Paper
Paint Brush
Mod Podge (Glossy)

I like buying my supplies from TradeFix Direct, they have hundreds of fantastic products at great prices, it’s amazing!

* With help from my humans, they went to Home Depot and had them cut three 4×4 blocks of wood.
*Once home we sanded down all the surfaces, corners and edges of the blocks.
*Using white wash colored paint I put about 3 or 4 coats of paint on each block. The wood soaked the paint up so fast. You apply as much or as little as you please.
*Next I went through a stack of photos and picked out my favorite ones. As you can see I tore the photos to give it a ruff look. You can cut, rip, or tear them.
*Finally, I brushed glossy Mod Podge on the bottom a photo and placed it on one of the sides. Pressing it firmly to the block making sure I got all the air bubbles out. Then, I took the Mod Podge and brushed a thin layer over the photo and the entire side of the block. This will help secure the photo to the block.

There you have it, simple and fun DIY Photo Blocks! 
Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

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MM: DIY Puppy Valentines

Today I’m sharing with you fun, easy Puppy Valentines that are great for kids to help make and your dogs will love to handout!

The best part of these valentines you can use any colors and make your shapes any size. I use our Cricut to cut out my shapes. But, the only supplies you need are:
Construction Paper/Card Stock
Adhesive (tape or glue)
Continue to stay tune for more Valentines Day fun this week! 

FF: DIY Tug Toys and Giveaway

Today’s DIY Project is Tug Toys. This project will help keep you dog entertained and a great project for kids to help with.

3 Different Colors of Fleece (I got a yard of each)
Rotatory Cutter Scissor
Cutting Mat
Ruler or Cutting Guide

Total Cost: Under $15 (Got my fleece on sale)
Project Time: To make just one tug toy 5-10 minutes. If you cut all 3 yards and use it all about 30-45 minutes, making about 20 tug toys.
Skill Level: Easy to Moderate
Kid Friendly-Parents need to supervise the cutting of the fabric.

1. Lay your first fabric out on your cutting mat flat. Using the ruler or cutting guide start cutting strips every 3 inches until the amount of strips you need to make the amount of toys is achieved.

2. Once you cut all three colors layer the three fabrics on top of each other, order doesn’t matter. Tie a knot at the one end and pull the fabric tight.

3. Start braiding your 3 fabric until you have about 5 inches left. Then, tie the other end into a knot. You may need to undo some of the braiding to make it easier to tie.

4. Finally, cut the end fabric that is outside of the knot so the fabric is all the same length. 

And there you have it, a fun tug toy that you dog will love to play with. This is a great toy you can make to donate you your local humane society or rescue organization.

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WW: DIY Treat Jars and Sweet Pea Kitchens

Sweet Pea Kitchens has a wonderful holiday line of treats that will leave your pup drooling for more. With names like Holiday Dinner, Potato Latkes, and Chunks of Coal how can they resist.

So what is in these tasty treats?

Holiday Dinner is made of: Gluten Free Oat Flour, Nitrate Free Turkey, Organic Pumpkin, Egg, Maple Syrup, Vitamin C, and Flaxseed

Potato Latkes contain: Organic Oat Flour, Organic Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter, Organic Dry Milk, Honey, Egg, Vitamin C, and Flaxseed

Chunks of Coal contains: Brown Rice Flour, Peanut Butter, Carob, Powdered Milk, Cinnamon, Vitamin C, and Flaxseed

These treats come in 5 ounce bags and run for only $8.00.

The best part of these treats, they are fresh and crunchy! 

Wouldn’t you love to give that mischievous dog in your life a clump of coal for Christmas. Or that sweet, caring K9 a special gift? Well, make your own Treat Jars out of mason jars and fill them with yummy treats.

All I did was take three mason jars (one for each of my pals) and trace the lids onto different scrapbook paper and cut each of the circles out.

Then, I filled each of the jars with special treats. Making sure I gave some Chunks of Coal to my pals Louie and Carlie for always getting me into mischief. Once full, I placed the lids with the cut out circles on securely.

Finally, using twine I attached labels that I made to each of the jars.

And there you have it, custom treat jars that are gorgeous to give to that special pup in your life. 

Sweet Pea Kitchens also has cat treats as well.

You can learn more about Sweet Pea Kitchens by checking them out on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram page.

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*Disclaimer: Spencer the Goldendoodle did not recieve any monetary compensation for this review. Spencer was given these three treats free for the purpose of this review. 

DIY Dog Bone Wreath

Today’s DIY project is a Dog Bone Wreath. This makes a great gift for those dog lovers in your life.

Cutting Mat
Box Cutter
Bowls-Large and Small
Ribbon-Two Different Colors, Base 1/2 in wide, Top 7/8 wide
Milk Bones – Amount will vary (I use the large milk bones)

Total Cost: Under $20
Project Time: About 30 minutes
Skill Level: Moderate

1. Place your cardboard on you cutting mat. Using the large bowl as a guide cut out a circle with your box cutter.

2. Now place the smaller bowl in the center of the circle and cut out the middle of the wreath.

3.  With your big ribbon tape it to the back of your wreath. Then start wrapping the ribbon around your wreath until it is all covered making sure the ribbon is tight while you wrap it and tape the end down.You can space it as close or as far apart as you like.

4. Using the thin ribbon tie it to your wreath and tape over the top of it. This will help proved extra strength to hold the bones in place.

5. Next, place your first bone on the wreath and wrap it with your ribbon. Make sure you are pulling the ribbon tight and hold it in place while you place the next bone. While you are doing this you may need to make adjustments to the placement of your bones. Just make sure the ribbon is tight.

6. Once you get to the end tie the ribbon around the wreath and tape it in place.

7. Using the top ribbon make a hanger and using the base ribbon you can make a bow to finish off your wreath.

If you plan on going anywhere for Christmas and are bring your dog with, this makes a great host/hostess gift. 

You can also make one and donate it to your local humane society!

Since we didn’t use any glue all the bones can be used as treats for you K9 pal. If you plan on hanging your wreath up, make sure it is out of reach from you animal. 
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