Thoughtless Thursday: Red Family

Here in Minnesota people are split on lots of topics, such as, you are either a Vikings fan, a Packer fan or don’t like football. Another topic that has people split on, you either like red tractors or green tractors.

This topic has dogs picking sides as well. Wanting to stay loyal to my humans and most of all my grandpa, I am proud to support red tractors or Case IH tractors.

My grandpa alway says, “Green is for crops, Red is for tractors.”

With that being said here I am supporting International Harvester by sporting my new bandana.

A couple of months ago you might remember me showing off my Case IH toy tractor. My combine looks almost like the one my Grandpa has.

How can I do a post on Thursday without having a flashback picture. Here is me in 2008 dressed up as a farmer, of course sporting an International Harvester hat.

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