WW: Spencer’s Pit Stops: Snoopy Statue

It has already been two weeks that my humans took off to Georgia with Flat Spencer. As they were heading down to their gate they came across a Snoopy statue and had to take a picture. My pal Emma from My GBGV Life, another Minnesota blogger, has been able to sniff up lots of Snoopy statues around the state. So this one is for her!

Have a great Wednesday! 

Black n’ White Sunday: Bending the Rules

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Mom and Dad are still on vacation with Flat Spencer, which means I’m hanging out with Aunt Zim. I’m excited to see my humans but sure enjoy bending the rules while they are gone! My favorite rule to bend is hanging out on the couch with Aunt Zim. I mean, someone has to help her study and I’m the right dog for the job.

Can’t wait to hear all about their trip and share with you the adventures of Flat Spencer. Check out my Facebook page where you can see pictures of Flat Spencer throughout their trip. I’m keeping my paws crossed that they bring me home a neat souvenir. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!
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