MN Pit Stop: Largest Ball of Twine



Has there ever been a destination so close, yet you fail to visit? This is the case for my humans. Just 1.5 hours away in a small town lives the World’s Largest Twine Ball and my humans have never seen it. You might think to yourself, 1.5 hours away is a long drive. However, they are in that area every couple of months and fail to take the short detour to visit the ball.

I’m happy to say we have crossed this destination off our bucket list!
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Photo Bombed and Mischief at the Apple Orchard

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s official, fall is here and that means apple orchard time. I decided to hit the road with my mom and visit one of the local apple orchards. 

The orchard we went to is called Minnesota Harvest in Southern Minnesota. While I was getting my picture at the welcome sign you will never guess who photo bombed my picture, Emma from My GBGV Life.

After catching up we decided to hangout at the orchard while our moms play with their cameras.

Emma wasn’t happy when I beat her to the top of the hay stack. And she was less then thrilled when I started yelling, “I’m king of the world!” I need really need to work on my lady skills.

What is harvest time without a tractor or two. Right Emma? I have seen red and green tractors before but never an orange tractor. 

I could hear our moms talking about the limo ride we were going to have and boy, I got excited! I mean, who doesn’t want to drive around with a pretty lady by their side in a fancy vehicle. It turned out we were thinking of two different limos. However, this orchard limo is even better and much easier to smell the fall, crisp air.
As our moms were talking, we found out Emma and her mom have never been to Minnesota’s largest candy store. I almost passed out in surprise. Even I love this store, as they sell the most delicious, home grown apples as well. Our moms sure felt like kids in a candy store walk up and down the rows and rows of a sorted candy. Once they finally came out of the candy store, we found out they got into a little bit of mischief themselves. But that is a whole different blog post.

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Lake Fun

Since there was a break in the rain and the temperature is still warm, my humans decided to hang out at the lake. Although I live in Minnesota, sadly I don’t visit the lakes much. But, was really excited to tag along.

I really enjoyed watching the minnows and sunfish swimming around.

And before you knew it, I was jumping in the water and exploring.

I’m happy my humans always have a frisbee in their car for emergency pick stops. You just never know when it will come in handy. As you can see I’m working on my “doggy paddle” skills.

What a nice, peaceful evening we had. The lake was nice a clam. Sadly it was time to head home. On the way, I sure was smelling good, like a wet dog good. 

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Fort Ridgely Hike

My humans and I hit the road for a “historic” hike at Fort Ridgely. We have camped at the state park connected to this historic site but I have never visited. So we jumped into our car and headed out for some fresh air and bonding time.
Here is some history about Fort Ridgely:
“Built in 1853 as a police station to keep peace as settlers poured into the former Dakota lands, it withstood several attacks in the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 and became a training ground for Civil War recruits.”
To learn more visit the Minnesota Historical Society.

As we walked along the path my humans read the signs to me and explained what the rocks in the ground were.

My humans explained to me that the rock structures, we were seeing in the ground, were the foundation to the buildings at the fort. These structures were amazing to see and imaging what they were like when the buildings were on them.

Now time to pose in front of the monument.

I had so much fun visiting For Ridgely. Can’t wait to see where my adventures bring me next.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday!

Today I’m joining the FitDog Friday Blog Hop hosted by SlimDoggy, My GBGV Life, and To Dog With Love