Proud to be a Minnesotan: Terminology

Minnesota Terminology
  • Uff-Da (oo-fh dah): This phrase is used to express sensory overload. “Uff da, I am tired.”
  • Dontcha Know (doh-nt-cha noh): This term is generally tagged onto the end of sentences as a way to engage the listener and make sure they are on the same page. “Uff-Da, we got a lot of snow, dontcha know.”
  • You Betcha (yuu-bet-chah): This phrase means yes or you bet. “Will you be there? You betcha!”
  • Pop: It’s not soda or coke, here it’s pop.
  • Hot Dish: Most call them casseroles, here in Minnesota we call it hot dish. Recipes may vary,  but all must include green beans cooked to different consistencies. 
  • Duck, Duck, Grey Duck: The proper way to say the children’s game that involves kids running around and hitting one another on the head. “Goose” is a term involving you rear. 
  • The Cities: This term refers to the Twin Cities metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs.  
  • Up North: This term refers to any area north of the Twin Cites. When the term is use, often people are going to their cabin that is “up north.”
Hope this helps you on your next trip to Minnesota!
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