Super Bowl 50! Lets Go Broncos!

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The Super Bowl is finally! There is more to The Super Bowl than just football. Humans look forward to parties, food, and these things called commercials. Well, I think I’m ready for the big game with my Broncos shirt, plenty of snacks, Browser Beer, and a couple of footballs to throw at the tv if needed!

So lets get the party started!

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Thoughtless Thursday: Party Decorations

What would a party be without decorations and let me tell you, my mom went all out!

We started with a color scheme (red, blue, green and orange) and went from there. 

I already had the “Spencer” banner, which is great to be able to reuse props. A little DIY project that involved using a Cricut machine and a wonderful “Happy Blogiversary” banner was born.
Next, you have to be dressed for the occasion. Again, following the color scheme, I found this handsome bow tie at Target and this party hat on Etsy

What does every great dog party need, that’s right, a fire hydrant. Even though it is made out of paper, it still adds that extra something. 

My favorite is this DIY fabric banner. My mom went to our local fabric store and picked out a yard of five different fabrics, one pattern and solid colors. Can you guess which colors???

Once home we cut the fabric into one inch wide by twelve inches long strips. We did this until we ran out of fabric. Then we tired the fabric onto a long piece of twine in a pattern. We ended up making two banners, each about four feet long.


Finally, every good party needs balloons. The best part was using a bottle of peanut butter as the weight of the balloons.

I would love to hear from you, what is your favorite decoration, either from my party or at your own parties?
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