Minnesota Pet Expo 2015

“Say Cheese!” -Mom
“Cheeeesssssse!” -Me

Check out who I ran into, Bailie the PR dog for My GBGV Life.

We sure enjoyed looking at the wabbits. Well, I enjoyed looking at the wabbits, Bailie wanted to chase and eat them. I really hope she doesn’t tell Emma, she might get jealous. 

I’m trying to convince Bailie’s mom that her and Emma need one of these cools car to cruse around in. I can see them now driving up to Blog Paws next year in one similar!

Testing out beds…too small.

Just right! 
Here are some other guys I met at the expo: two Saint Berdoodles, cats, one very tall Great Dane, miniature ponies, fluffy pals, and a couple of snakes. Oh, I can’t forget to mention the giant doo-doo!

The pet expo was great, but it was even better spending time with my pal, Bailie. 

What do you like to do when you hang out with your fur-iends? Are any of your fur-iends blogging dogs?

Today I’m joining the Monday Mischief blog hop.