Meet Little Snoopy

Can you believe it is already Sunday? This weekend is flying by. Today is World Pet Day and I recently got my very own pet to take care of, his name is Little Snoopy. As a new pet owner I now have to be responsible for this little guy. I never realized how much work having a pet can be, but at the same time it also has been very rewarding. Here are the basic responsibilities of a pet owner. 

Feeding him twice a day and making sure Little Snoopy has plenty of fresh water to drink.

Since Little Snoopy is still a puppy, potty training has been difficult, but he is starting to get the hang of it. Cleaning up his messes inside the house as well as outside is a dirty responsibility, but someone has to do it.
Walks have been extremely important for Little Snoopy. Not only does it provide much needed exercise, but it also gets him out socializing with other people and dogs in the neighborhood.   

Play is another important part of his daily routine. I even let him win once and awhile when we wrestle. 

Finally, getting enough sleep and snuggle time is important for both of us!

Happy World Pet Day and I hope you all have an amazing Sunday! Let’s Go Vikings!

Today I’m joining the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.