Tips for Naming Your New Dog

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As most of you know we adopted River in October and today I’m sharing with you tips we used when choosing her name. So, here we go…..

Tips When Choosing a Name

  • Two Syllables
    • Experts say choosing a two syllable name is ideal for dogs. A one syllable name may be confusing to your dog if it sounds similar to a one syllable voice command.
  • Utilize Online Name List
    • With the internet looking for popular or trending is names is easier then ever.
  • Be Creative
    • When picking a name, think outside the box. Again, surf the web and look for unique dog names as well as different spellings.
  • Collaborate and Make a List
    • Get your whole family involved and come up with a list of three names everyone agrees on.
  • Meet the Dog First
    • Try to met your dog before naming them. This way you can see which name matches their personality best.
  • Commit
    • When you choose a name, commit to that name. It makes it easier for the dog to learn their name when it is used consistently. Especially if you are re-naming your new dog.

Naming River

Original Name

What caught my human’s eye the most about River besides being so darn cute was her original name, Isla. Pronounced EYE-LUH, that is the same name as my mom’s grandma, Grandma Ila. Although they love that name, it didn’t seem right having two “Ila/Isla” in the family.

The 3 Names we choose:

  • My dad really wanted to name her “Rey” after Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But, that is a one syllable name, so we came up with “Raven” and call her “Rey” for short.
  • My mom really liked the name “Willow,” don’t ask me where that came from.
  • The third name they came up with was “River.” My humans love the outdoors, adventures, and this was a fun, unique name.

Meeting Her

Before we met River for the first time, my humans ruled out “Raven.” Through all the pictures we saw of her, that name just didn’t seem to suit her. So, it was down to “Willow” and “River.” The moment we met her, we all immediately know her new name was going to be “River.” We mentioned the two names to the foster mom, and she agreed that she was a “River” through and through.

Sometimes it’s not as easy as it was for us to name River. But, I hope this post helps you name your new pup.

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Tips for Naming Your New Dog

Do you have any addition tips for naming your dog? 

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